Practice PIE this Holiday Season

The holiday season is an extra special opportunity to practice mindfulness. While the holiday season can put an extra spark of magic in the air, there can also be tension. It can be an extra busy time and this is all the more reason to keep centered and grounded. My gift to you for the holidays is a pie.

Here are the pieces to your P-I-E, it is divided into three precious pieces:

P – Presence

The fastest, easiest way to get present is to focus on your breath. Also, when you take the breath into your belly area, you instantly send a message to your body to relax. Use this moment to truly relax and surrender without judgment. Have you ever heard the phrase, “my presence is your present?” It usually means, “I didn’t bring you a gift, but I’m here to celebrate with you.” But, your presence (being present) really is a present to yourself and ends up to be a gift to everyone around you.

Once you are relaxed and present, focus on the next piece of your P-I-E…

I – Intention

Use this moment to begin again. Put all negative thinking out the window and release all judgments of yourself and others. This moment is where you set the intention of what you would like to happen and how you would like to show up. I suggest placing an intention for what you want your whole holiday season to be like and then place intentions daily, hourly, or whatever is needed. You could place your intentions before shopping or on your way to a holiday party or perhaps before your relatives arrive.

For instance, “I intend to have a nice time with my family this holiday season,” or “I intend to stay peaceful and allow myself to have fun at the holiday gathering,” or maybe it’s just a quick, “I am calm.” However you decide to word your intention, remember it and make it your mantra for the season or for a particular event. Now that you are present and you have set your intentions, you get your last piece of the P-I-E…


Truly, wholeheartedly let go and allow yourself to enjoy (in-joy) your experiences. Enjoy the sounds, scents, tastes, sights and feelings of the holidays. Let this be a gift to yourself. Allow yourself to bask in joy and cheer! Immerse yourself in the wonder-full energy of this time of year. There is a lot of surrendering involved here. Surrender to the joy and laughter of the moment. Let go of whatever perfect looks like in your mind. In life, we never get it all done, so just allow it to fall into place. Control and manipulation usually leads to the exact opposite of what you want. When we stay open and at ease energy can flow naturally and this is perfect in its own way.




The beautiful thing about this process is you can spend 20 minutes, 2 minutes or 20 seconds doing it depending on your situation.

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