A Tool for Your Toolbox

I am blessed to live by the ocean. I do well with getting a barefoot beach walk in almost every day and if I don’t get time for a walk, I do my best to at least  walk down to the shoreline and sink my toes into the wet sand. A beach, a grassy lawn, a dirt path, a garden…if it’s not too cold out I make a point to get my feet on the Earth daily, if even just for a few moments. Growing up on a lake with large lawns connecting neighbors and friends, we would all run around barefoot as kids.

Today, I appreciate the feeling of my feet on the Earth so much more. I have added it as a tool to my spiritual tool box. It helps me feel grounded, safe, nourished, loved, supported, grateful, peaceful, playful and free. It’s as if Mother Earth magically soaks up and transforms stress, anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration and the like.

Last year during a difficult time, it sometimes took everything in me to get down to the beach and every time I did I could feel the healing effects. Water has also always been very healing and therapeutic for me. The combination of the water with my bare feet on the earth became a significant part of my healing process. It helped restore and renew my body, mind and spirit. I have always thanked the  earth after each barefoot visit, but after this experience I feel a much deeper connection with her.

Have you been spending time on Mother Earth, lying on her, standing on her with bare feet? If not, try it out, especially the next time you are having a challenging moment. Notice the healing effects.

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