About Use Your Universe

Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Transform your world from the inside out.

Just put forth a clear enough request,  and everything your heart desires must come to you.

– Gandhi

Use Your Universe was created with love. It is my hope that the tools and articles help inspire you to dive deep into your self, to find out what places need healing, to listen to your heart’s true desires, to encourage you to make friends with any fear residing within, for the only way to dissolve darkness is to bring in the light.  ?the end of this sentence needs a steady conclusion. Either, simply adding ‘because’ before the ‘for’ or tying together with the last sentence in this paragraph. It is the light within you that I wish to remind you of, that I wish for you to remind yourself of. ?gorgeous sentiment, but it reads a little confusing. Try saying it like you would say to someone out loud. This is the last sentence in your first paragraph, bottle up as much of your effervescent self to encourage your readers to continue finding out more about who you are. Maybe it’s a call to action, or a personal story (those always draw people in, and keep them there). Consider the possibility of leading with a strong sense of who you are and what you’ve been through; what’s inspired you to start this beautiful project.

We are in the universe and the universe is in us. ?how I would phrase this sentence: “The Universe is not something that we are simply floating in. We are the Universe. Each one of us makes up an irreplaceable part of it.” Or something like that! Expanding will excite! As you raise the vibration of your energy you help raise the energy of the planet and all of its inhabitants. Pay attention to how your energy affects you and those around you. We are all connected. We are one. As you grow, we all grow. As you step, we all step. Thank you for being brave and courageous for all of us. ?again, expanding your thoughts and allowing a more conversational tone will spark your awesome thoughts even more!

Here’s an example of what I would do with the second paragraph:

How do you see your Universe? Is it an untamed expanse that has no effect on your life? Or, have you awakened to the idea that you truly are a part of making the Universe go ‘round? What you offer to the world and put into it affects even the smallest corner of the Universe.

My goal is to help you understand that the Universe is in you. Have you ever noticed how your energy affects those around you? Happiness, sadness, anger, depression…emotions and energies are contagious. We are all connected. We are all one. As you raise the vibration of your energy, you help raise the energy of the planet and all of the seven billion people who live here. As you grow, they grow. As you evolve into your higher self, they evolve into their higher self. By taking one courageous step today to become your truer you, your bravery will ripple through the world.

My whole effort is somehow to convince you—not with my words, but with my silence and presence, with my love and with my joy—that you are at the very center of the universe, every one of you—because there is only one center. Only on the periphery are we separate; at the center we are one.

– Osho

With every thought, every action, we are always creating. I created a tool to help people get out of their own way. Meaning, to rid themselves of self-defeating thought patterns that may be blocking their connection to source.

Pull Your Weeds, Plant Your Seeds… Tend to the Garden of Your Mind is a guided journal used to encourage self reflection. You’re nudged to look into those places that may feel scary (like what?) and make friends with that space (what can your customer expect as they “make friends?” What’s a quick snapshot of what that will look like for them?). This journal is a safe and creative tool to do this with.

The Universe Order Pad is a tool used to help you place intentions (this may be silly, but try to explain what intentions are for those who aren’t sure, or offer a few examples – maybe a photo would be helpful too!) It can help you focus on what you want and in a fun, easy way to release your energy and intentions to the Universe. The pad also offers helpful affirmations and guidance (maybe a quick example?).

I also would like to invite you to join the mailing list for insightful newsletters (how often do you plan on sending them out – some readers enjoy knowing – but not always necessary!)

The magical power that makes a flower open and close is the same power that lies within us. The magical power that turns a caterpillar into a butterfly is the same power within us. The magical power that has the sun, earth and moon so perfectly placed to create life, is the same power within us. We are more powerful than we know, and by exploring this site, I hope it will lift you up and remind you of how truly powerful you are.

You are the Universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.

– Eckhart Tolle