A Way of Life

Spiritual practice takes focus and discipline, although, this does not mean that it can’t be fun. Just like if you want a fit and healthy body, you must create an active lifestyle for yourself and eat nutritious foods. It is a consistent balance and dance. I can feel a difference in how I feel the […]

Thankful for What?

It’s easy to be thankful for the good experiences in your life. However, I encourage you to take gratitude deeper and be thankful for the things or people in your life that have upset you or caused suffering. Specifically, to be thankful for the lessons that there are to learn from difficult people or experiences. […]

A New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, which can be done anytime of year can be healing and therapeutic. When we cleanse our living space, by organizing and clearing out old, unused items we create space for newness to come in. Shedding the old, allowing the new to emerge, can help stagnant energy begin to flow. Perhaps you’ve noticed how […]

Self-Love in Manifesting

It’s up to us to build ourselves up. It’s up to each of us to be our own best friend. I think there is something powerful in becoming your own life coach. I think it begins with how we talk to ourselves and treat ourselves. If we beat ourselves up and scare ourselves how are […]

Whatever the Question, Love is the Answer

I have a piece of art that reads, whatever the question, love is the answer. It really is hard to argue with those words, no matter what the situation. It certainly is one of those bold statements that almost instantly causes you to pause and go within. Take a moment now to contemplate the words, […]

Take Back Your Power

When you begin to understand that your thoughts create your world, you begin to become more aware of how you think, how you feel, what you say and how you behave. You may notice that there are some negative thought patterns still controlling you. Old fear habits keep rising, causing havoc to yourself and those […]

True Freedom

Have you set yourself free from the chains of fear? What is freedom? Though you may consider yourself free, it is easy to become a slave to others. Even more disheartening, we become a slave to ourselves. A slave to our negative thoughts and emotions, to our addictions and unhealthy behaviors. A slave to our […]

Be the Example

The season of Spring is a re-birth process that nature gives itself, it also influences us, since we are part of nature as well. This time of year inspires us to embrace the new. When we feel inspired to make changes we often think that others should be inspired as well. Maybe they will, but […]

If Need Be, Choose Again

It occurred to me recently that being addicted to drama or struggle is really not unlike being addicted to nicotine, alcohol or some other drug. For every thought we think and every emotion we feel a chemical is released into the body. Over time we can become addicted to this chemical, just like chemicals we […]

A Tool for Your Toolbox

I am blessed to live by the ocean. I do well with getting a barefoot beach walk in almost every day and if I don’t get time for a walk, I do my best to at least  walk down to the shoreline and sink my toes into the wet sand. A beach, a grassy lawn, […]