Happy First Day of Spring!

 Use the energy of this time of renewal and rebirth to tend to things you have been putting off. My favorite way of doing this is to get creative with it…light a candle, put on music, open the windows…shift the energy in your space and now go for it. Half the battle is getting started. […]

Commit to Action

Take some time to be creative. Can you do it today? Maybe it’s trying something new…paint a flower pot, arrange a vase of flowers that you hand picked in a field, draw your loved one a heart and inside it list all of the reasons they warm your heart (you could do this as a […]

Sing Your Song

Have you noticed how self doubt dissolves when we are living on purpose…when we are living our lives to our fullest potential? Use the energy of this new year, this new day, to decide how you want to change. Cultivate the art of intention, focus and discipline. We can learn a lot by using the […]

Tough Love from Use Your Universe

This is a loving reminder to tend to your own garden and not to worry so much about your neighbors. Do you ever read or hear powerful words of guidance and transformation, then immediately think of someone else other than yourself? I attended a spiritual talk the other day with some friends. After the talk, […]