Fear is a Friend Who’s Misunderstood

Fear is a friend. Fear can teach us a lot about our relationship to self and others. It can help us grow and stretch in the place that may feel stuck, where stagnant energy can exist. While fear can feel uncomfortable it’s being with that uncomfortableness, “sitting in that fire”, that we learn so much. […]

Commit to Action

Take some time to be creative. Can you do it today? Maybe it’s trying something new…paint a flower pot, arrange a vase of flowers that you hand picked in a field, draw your loved one a heart and inside it list all of the reasons they warm your heart (you could do this as a […]

Tough Love from Use Your Universe

This is a loving reminder to tend to your own garden and not to worry so much about your neighbors. Do you ever read or hear powerful words of guidance and transformation, then immediately think of someone else other than yourself? I attended a spiritual talk the other day with some friends. After the talk, […]

Surrender…Accessing the Power Within You

I remember the first time I heard the concept of “surrender”. I was only about 15 years old. I thought, “Why would I want to surrender?  Isn’t that giving up? Isn’t that a ‘weak’ thing to do?” But really, surrendering is connecting to our higher selves, God, the Universe, the all knowing…the all loving. Surrendering […]