My Holiday Wish for You…

My hope is that through the busyness, perhaps running last minute errands and preparing for any gatherings, that you’re able to take some time to ground yourself, to quiet the mind, to reflect on what makes this time of year so special. Honor the season and the powerful winter solstice by taking time to rest […]

Morning has Broken…Spring has Sprung!

I keep witnessing all of these wonderful, magical moments…moments filled with love, compassion, tenderness, peace and grace. I realize that these moments exist when I am present. There truly are so many “presents” gifted to us when we stay present. To become present focus on your breath. Focus on your immediate environment. What do you […]

Apring Awakening

The energy of spring brings with it an extra powerful time to tend to the garden of your mind. The journal helps you to get out of your way, by helping release whatever may be pinching or blocking your cord to source energy…to the Universe. Once you remove those “weeds,” you are more open to […]

Did You Set Your Intentions at the New Year?

How about going to do something special for yourself? Turn off anything distracting you, whether it be the computer, the tv or un-nurturing thoughts and do something just for you. Take a bath, clean out your closet (therapeutic and shifts energy), do some stretches, take some deep belly breaths, write yourself a love letter, buy […]