Morning has Broken…Spring has Sprung!

I keep witnessing all of these wonderful, magical moments…moments filled with love, compassion, tenderness, peace and grace. I realize that these moments exist when I am present. There truly are so many “presents” gifted to us when we stay present. To become present focus on your breath. Focus on your immediate environment. What do you see, taste, feel, hear? Connect with those around you, acknowledge them by really looking into their eyes, offering a smile, offering presence.

I passed a homeless woman the other day and although I didn’t have anything with me to offer her other than a smiling face and a few kind words, I was grateful when I saw her face light up and I hoped that I was able to lift her spirit in some way. I just love these moments that remind me of how connected we are, how in touching one soul, we touch the collective soul. I wish you all a very happy spring! I hope that you are feeling the lightness in the air and the re-birth of nature…connect with it. It is your well deserved gift of newness, of hope, of realizing that you can begin again in any moment…again and again.

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