The Magical Powers of the Force

Within each of us lies a force that is more powerful than we can conceive. The beautiful thing about this force is that not only is it within each of us as separate physical beings, it is what connects us all together. Since we are all connected by this force, this energy field, how we […]

A Way of Life

Spiritual practice takes focus and discipline, although, this does not mean that it can’t be fun. Just like if you want a fit and healthy body, you must create an active lifestyle for yourself and eat nutritious foods. It is a consistent balance and dance. I can feel a difference in how I feel the […]

Thankful for What?

It’s easy to be thankful for the good experiences in your life. However, I encourage you to take gratitude deeper and be thankful for the things or people in your life that have upset you or caused suffering. Specifically, to be thankful for the lessons that there are to learn from difficult people or experiences. […]

A New Meaning to Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, which can be done anytime of year can be healing and therapeutic. When we cleanse our living space, by organizing and clearing out old, unused items we create space for newness to come in. Shedding the old, allowing the new to emerge, can help stagnant energy begin to flow. Perhaps you’ve noticed how […]