Practice. Practice. Practice.

Life gives us so many opportunities to practice acceptance, understanding, and peace. To be at peace with the moment. To understand that truly only this moment exists and to live life from this sacred space and not in the past or future.

“Do we attract what we need to learn the most?”

Let us practice being here now. As I am typing this message I find myself also thinking of what I need to get done through the rest of my day. Simply, I direct my thoughts back to this moment.

The easiest way to do this?

Take a deep breath. Breathing immediately brings you to the present. Also, listen, look, feel, smell and take in your surroundings. For me, there is piano being played beautifully by a visitor upstairs, there is a gentle breeze coming in the window and a fresh smell that comes with it. There is peaceful art and vibrant plants that surround my desk. Instantly I am grounded, centered…present.

Look for opportunities to practice what you have learned. You are reading this now, but I ask you to pause for a moment. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Practice this through your day. Many of us have ourselves programmed to keep going, keep going, keep going around the wheel, around the wheel we go…do we stop? We may physically stop moving, but often our mind keeps going. The things that come up in life that don’t “feel good” are opportunities to grow, to use what we’ve learned, to walk the walk. Stop to ponder that you may be attracting what it is you need to learn the most.

What a great opportunity! Respond differently to irritations or bumps in the road. Watch the magic happen when you decide to do this. Think now of a situation in your life that’s bothersome but has not changed. Change your thoughts about it, choose to respond to it differently. You know the saying, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Practice focusing your thoughts and speaking mindfully. Staying present will help with this. It’s great to take in helpful information, but until we really practice using it we cannot truly understand the magic and power it brings.

The Universe is working with us always, cheering us on, helping us grow. We all affect each other, as we all come from source energy and are connected. So, think of this as you choose
your loving response in place of your programmed fear based response. The loving response will soon be the program, it just takes practice. Just as the repetition of responding from fear became programmed. And yes, getting defensive, acting self-righteous, enabling others behaviors all stem from fear. It’s just the ego needing to be right. Practice calling yourself out on your own “stuff”, become your own coach. Soon you will be walking the walk and teaching by example!

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