Seeds of Love

Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings create your experiences, your experiences create your world, your world creates your thoughts.

Everyone is creative.

Whether we like it or not, or whether we are conscious of it or not, our thoughts are creative. And when we put out to the universe what we want, and keep our thoughts in a good place, we are co-creating. We’re actually working with the universe to create a better world for ourselves. We are one. As one person raises their consciousness, it in turn raises all of our consciousness.

One of my favorite books is, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by, Dr. Joseph Murphy. I highly recommend it. The original edition was printed in 1963.

In his book Dr. Murphy states this about our minds:

“The law of your mind is this: The reaction or response you get from your subconscious mind will be determined by the nature of the thought or idea you hold in your conscious mind. Psychologists and psychiatrists point out that when thoughts are conveyed to your subconscious mind, impressions are made in the brain cells. As soon as your subconscious accepts any idea, it proceeds to put it into effect immediately. It draws on the infinite power, energy and wisdom within you. It lines up all the laws of nature to get its way.”

Here are some insight from his book on the subconscious mind:

“Your subconscious mind accepts what is impressed upon it or what you consciously believe. It does not reason things out as your conscious mind does, and it does not argue with you controversially. Your subconscious mind is like a bed of soil that accepts any kind of seed, good or bad. Your thoughts are active, they are seeds.”


Become aware of whether you are planting seeds of flowers or seeds of weeds. Do your best at becoming a detached observer and watch your thoughts closely. Try it for a month and hopefully it will start to take form as a new ingrained positive habit. While doing all this gardening in your mind, what better time to literally doing some gardening.

Whether you have a garden or use pots on a patio, planting seeds, flowers, plants, getting your hands into the earths bountiful soil is so healing. Why? While planting your seeds, think about the positive things you want or have in your life. If you have weeds to pull imagine that you are pulling out all of the old thoughts and habits that no longer serve you.

Happy gardening! Have fun planting positive seeds of light, love, peace, joy, laughter, ease, comfort, balance, health, prosperity, and happiness into the garden of your creative mind.

Helpful tool:

Pull Your Weeds, Plant Your Seeds…Tend to the Garden of Your Mind Guided Journal. The inside back pocket comes with a real packet of flower seeds to get you started!

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