Sing Your Song

Have you noticed how self doubt dissolves when we are living on purpose…when we are living our lives to our fullest potential?

Use the energy of this new year, this new day, to decide how you want to change. Cultivate the art of intention, focus and discipline.

We can learn a lot by using the tool of detached observer or the witness in our lives. Use this tool to learn about yourself. Watch how you respond to certain situations. Look at what triggers you and why. Begin to have some courageous,honest conversations with yourself. An easy way to find out if a behavior is or is not serving you any longer is to see how you feel during and after the experience.

Ask: Did my response help or hinder the situation? In what ways can I improve my behavior?  How can I respond in the future that will be helpful to myself and others? How can I communicate my truth in a loving way? Perhaps you would like to cultivate the art of patience, you would like to watch your tone of voice and not get agitated and impatient. Consider practicing the art of mindfulness and meditation to see how these tools can be helpful in not only making changes but truly integrating them into your life, your awareness, a shift in your consciousness.

What behaviors or traits do you witness in yourself and/or in others that you like and that make you feel good and that help uplift you and those around you? Sometimes habits that don’t serve us are simply a continuation of a habit that we witnessed/witness from our parents. Sometimes it’s something we developed in childhood as a way to cope with a difficult situation, but maybe that situation has now passed and the behavior is no longer needed. Just be warm and loving to yourself.

Look at this process as an adventure.

We are using the energy of the new year to kick off this bringing in and letting go of process, but the energy of a new day, a new moment is also powerful. That’s where all power lies, in this moment.


How about one task just for today, this moment. Right now, get a piece of paper and write at the top something like in with the new and out with the old or use the example below. Whatever  calls to you and feels fun and right. Hang it on your wall or keep it in a place where you can look at it daily, continue to work with it. Put a motivating message at the top like:

I am ready to sing my song and live my life to its fullest potential. Every moment I can begin anew!

List on the left side what habits you would like to cultivate and use the area on the right to list what no longer serves you, habits ready to release.

Bringing in what I deserve         |       Releasing what no longer serves

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