Sun Stood Still

Happy summer solstice everyone!

“Sun stood still” is latin for solstice. How are you starting out this season? Are you setting the tone for a fabulous, adventurous summer? I’ve just finished practicing yoga with 1,000 yogis in Time Square, New York City.

As the sun shone down on us, sending its beautiful rays of light, I was reminded of our oneness and the power of unity. What a wonderful way to invite in the season. After our practice, we sent out loving energy from our hearts to help with the oil spill and we sent healing energy to others around the planet. Yoga is not just about reaching and stretching our bodies, but also our hearts. Find the love in your heart and allow it to expand.

Allow this self love to heal your life and your relationships. Practice forgiveness in this space. Reach your arms toward the sun today and allow it to slowly fill you up, allow the overflow of love to spread to those around you, in your minds eye see it encompass the world. Observe in that moment the gratitude you sense, feel the connectedness that exists between us. Honor the oneness. Notice how powerful you feel, knowing that your energy level affects our energy level as a whole. If we keep love in our hearts, dispelling any darkness, we can discover great things.  We can open ourselves up to a whole new world, we just need to allow ourselves to go inside. Find that infinite well of love inside your heart and tap into it. It’s a gift and it’s yours for the taking.

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