True Freedom

Have you set yourself free from the chains of fear?

What is freedom?

Though you may consider yourself free, it is easy to become a slave to others. Even more disheartening, we become a slave to ourselves. A slave to our negative thoughts and emotions, to our addictions and unhealthy behaviors. A slave to our fears when we allow them to control our lives.

What are the chains that are binding you from creating a happy, joyous, peaceful life for yourself? Whatever those chains are made of, however long they’ve been there, or however strong they are, only you are a slave to them and only you can set yourself free.

Experience true freedom by not allowing fear to run your life. True freedom is not just living in the moment. True freedom is knowing that at any moment you can change your thoughts, you can change your feelings, you can change your perceptions, you can begin again, you can start anew.

Every time you choose to be a victim by allowing someone to upset you, you become a slave to not only them, but you continue the pattern of being a slave to your fears. And thankfully, every time you choose a different response, you lessen the grip fear has on you. And you will continue to loosen its grip as you make better choices, you are free to choose. If you’re not happy in your life, truly happy, or maybe you are okay with some things and not others, use the blessing of imagination and thought to change your perception about the situation you’re finding difficult. You have the freedom to do this. Remember, work on changing your thoughts and then watch your whole world change around you.

Enjoy this inspirational story on experiencing true freedom and try to implement this practice into your life:

Decide First Thing

There was a Sufi mystic who remained happy his whole life – no one had ever seen him unhappy – who was always laughing, who was laughter, whose whole being was a perfume of celebration.

In his old age, when he was dying – on his deathbed and still enjoying, laughing hilariously – a disciple asked, You puzzle us. You are still laughing; how are you managing it?

The old man said, It is simple. I asked my teacher. I went to my teacher as a young man; I was only seventeen and already miserable, and my teacher was old, seventy, and he was sitting under a tree, laughing for no reason at all. There was nobody else there, nothing had happened, nobody had cracked a joke or anything, and he was simply laughing, holding his belly. I asked him, ‘What is the matter with you? Are you mad or something?’

He said, One day I was also as sad as you are. Then it dawned on me that it is my choice, it is my life. Since that day, every morning when I get up the first thing I decide is, before I open my eyes I say to myself, ‘Abdullah’ – that was his name – ‘What do you want?  Misery? Blissfulness? What are you going to choose today? And it happens that I always choose blissfulness.’

(From Osho’s Book, Emotional Wellness, page 277)

You are free to choose. What are you going to choose today?

What are you going to choose for this moment?

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