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New Leaf distribution

Wholesale buyers are welcome to purchase the Universe Order Pad and Pull Your Weeds, Plant Your Seeds… Tend to the Garden of Your Mind journals directly or through New Leaf distribution.

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With your permission your store information will be added to our store locator page.  We can add contact e-mail and facebook and/or twitter pages also.

Hear what other retailers are saying…

“I always love selling your pads and they really work and help us all get the things we need to help our journey.  Every time I turn around, it seems, we need to order more!”

– Success Express, NJ

“Our clients find the Universe Order Pads one of the most empowering products. This product helps one to express clearly what they would like to manifest in their life.”

– Mystical Bazaar, AZ

“We are excited to have both items in our store… we think they’ll be a great fit.

– Radiance Herbs, WA

“I am so excited about offering the Universe Order Pads to my clientele. I think you are doing an awesome service to this world by making these amazing tools.”

– Integrated Essences, AZ

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The Nature Conservancy has a wonderful program called Plant a Billion Trees

tree is planted for every new store added and every order placed.